I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God
so that you may know that you have eternal life. [1 John 5:13]

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Where I Am From

This was published at Glasswing Ezine some time ago, but I was feeling this weekend like I wanted to be reminded of Where I Am From and Whose I Am.

Where I Am From

I am from newspaper women
and farmer's wives
spines of steel;
wisdom beyond imagining
no dreams of fame and fortune.
Just ordinary lives.

I am from hard work and ancient wounds
never forgotten nor spoken of
nor exposed to light of day;
survival of the fittest;
overcoming struggle.
Manifesting deep love.

I am from the ocean and the sand;
eternal horizon expanding;
waves crash and roar;
undertow pulls and releases shells and
skeletons from the deep.
A million grains of understanding.

I am from ancient earth mothers;
sisters of magic and mystery
creators of hope and beauty,
vessels of future dreams
dutifully bearing children.
Changing the course of history.

I am from spirit and flesh and bone;
made to wonder "why?"
seeking ever after truth,
needing only the next question
asking always for the answer.
Looking ever to God in the sky.

I am from the earth and sky;
thriving where nothing should grow
dirt and clouds, sun and rain;
blooming where I'm planted
desiring only air and water.
Sometimes reaping more than I sow.

I am from woman and man;
destiny, desire and chance
created in an image and likeness;
struggling to be different
resigned to be who I am.
Rising above my circumstance.

I am from saints and angels,
wings of gossamer and gold
seen from the corner of my eye,
whispers and quiet breezes
in my head and on my skin.
Heavenly secrets in dreams unfold.

I am from the eternal source of life;
created for a purpose and a reason
perfectly and divinely designed;
journeying toward heaven
offering up my future and my past.
Each twist and turn in time and season.

© Mary Moss – April 5, 2008

Where are you from?

Blessings on your journey

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sarah said...

Wow Mary, this reminds me of Maya Angelou who I absolutely love. Blessings Sarah