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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Trying to Get A Good Routine

Every time I attend a Richmond Christians Who Write meeting, I come home all fired up! We had our first meeting of the year on Sunday afternoon and I could not sleep Sunday night!

There we quite a few first time visitors, which was great. My favorite thing, though was that one of the writers I had met several years ago, who was in a critique group with me and 3 other women, attended the meeting on Sunday after quite a bit of time off! Then, another member of the group, who has had to pull back in her participation because of some other directions she is heading in her life, showed up late! We had such a wonderful round of individual and group hugs:-)

One of my dear Christian sisters was the first speaker and her presentation was so memorable. She even gave us handouts to help us get/keep our writing organized. The second speaker was good as well, with some great tips to enhance our writing.

I have two articles in the works and the beginning of a poem knocking around in my head -- not sure what will come of that, but it's bouncing around, beginning to formulate in the back of my head.

Sally Stuart's Christian Writer's Market Guide 2009 has arrived and I am going to spend some serious time reviewing it. My goal is to use Mondays as my day to devote to all things writing. Wednesday will be more of a writing business day - either submit poems or articles, do some research, meet with other writers, to some marketing activities, make the blog rounds, etc.

Hopefully, some more freelance work will come my way soon. I wouldn't mind giving up Wednesdays off to do some writing for pay:-)


Spring Fricks said...

Oh I am trying to find my routine right now too. It's been hard going but I have to do it. I also just received my 2009 market guide. I liked the book that came with it about how to get published. I need to find some time to study that.

Chatty Kelly said...

You are so motivated! I have no doubt you'll have tons of stuff published this year.