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Saturday, December 27, 2008

December Storytelling Character Ready

This afternoon I rehearsed "Rhoda" for the final time. She is the fictional wife of Joseph's cousin (they are the innkeeper, his wife and some of their family are included in the story). I've changed my storyline a bit from the original plan, but I like this one and think it will work well.

I decided I wanted a narrator for the story as some of the background information wasn't really suitable to use as a person conversing with others. My son said he would do it so we ran through it this evening and he said he thought it would be great - and he found it very interesting:-) When a 20-year old tells you that, you know you've hit on something. My husband has decided he wants to go with us tomorrow to meet the "little old ladies" I will be telling the story to so it will be a real family affair!

Now I need to develop another character for January, although that may be delayed until March if I participate in the Epiphany program (sort of like Emmaus for young men (juveniles) in jail). It will be quite a commitment of 4 Saturdays for preparation and training and then one full weekend in February to actually work the program.

I may be a speaker or a "table mom" or fill some other role as I have told the director of the program I will do whatever is needed.

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